Introduce your children to their first companions ever with these adorable and stylish dolls from Making Memories London.

Whether it’s a mermaid, astronaut or a huggable unicorn, our little dolls are made from organic cotton. They are soft, safe, and highly loveable. Moreover, they look nice, giving the baby’s room a stylish, chic look.

Help your children’s imagination take over and engage in roleplay adventures with mini pirates, wizards, bunnies, unicorns, and cute accessories, like baby doll clothes, sleeping bags, baskets, backpacks, even a wooden clothing rack with pretty hangers. Help your little ones take care of the adorable dolls, change their clothes, feed them, calm them down, and nurture them. This way, they will learn responsibility from a very young age.

A baby doll can be a perfect first toy to comfort the little baby and become their first imaginary friend as time goes by.

Discover our vast collection of soft, high-quality baby dolls, and pay in 4 fortnightly payments through Clearpay. We also offer Klarna as a payment solution.

For more questions regarding our toys, shipping and orders, feel free to contact our lovely customer service team. They will help you order the most loveable baby doll for your little bundle of joy.

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    Fabelab Big Buddy – Unicorn

    Say hello to Big Buddy Unicorn. She is the most huggable unicorn you’re likely to meet! Made from soft, fluffy, 100% organic cotton material, BIG Buddy Unicorn is a BIG-time loveable best friend. She has a BIG heart and gives big hugs!
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    Fabelab Big Doll – Acorn

    Acorn is the newest member of Fabelab’s Big Doll family! She’s adorable with her side-braid and olive green dress. A perfectly huggable size, she’s likely to become your little one’s bff. Acorns favorite things: hugs, playing dress-up and walks in the woods!
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    Fabelab Buddy Bunny – Light Grey

    This beautiful Buddy Bunny will be a friend for life. Made from soft organic cotton he is suitable from birth.  
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    Fabelab Doll Clothes Rack

    To keep the Big Dolls clothes in order Fabelab have designed a timeless wooden Clothing Rack. The Clothing Rack comes with three cute hangers and can easily be assembled to be packed away after playing.
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    Fabelab Doll Sleeping Bag – Olive

    Whether on a camping trip in the garden, or at home in her bed, keep your favorite doll snug and warm in this cosy sleeping bag.
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    Fabelab Dream Friend – Unicorn

    A beautiful Unicorn Doll from Fabelab. Your little ones new best friend.  
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    Fabelab Dream Friend – Wizard

    This beautiful soft toy from Fabelab is great for babies and toddlers. Made from soft organic cotton its great to play, sleep or just hold.  
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    Fabelab Mermaid Doll

    This little Mermaid doll is charming and dreamy and invites your little one into a world of magic within their everyday lives. With her soft fabric made from organic cotton, she can comfort the little baby, and due to the quality she will be a keepsake and beloved playful toy when your child grows older. 
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    Fabelab Rope Doll Basket with cover – Ochre

    This doll basket from Fabelab will make the cutest addition to play time. Your little one can carry their dolls around and it also makes the perfect place to put them to sleep at night.
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    Fabelab Tooth Fairy Doll with Pouch

    What a great way to make losing that first tooth even more special. This tooth fairy doll from Fabelab comes with its own pouch for safe keeping of your littles one tooth.  She is also a great sleeping companion.
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    Fabelab Tumbler Fawn

    Loveable Fawn character is here to entertain the family’s youngest. Get your little one giggling as the Fawn Tumbler rolls, tinkles and topples, yet never falls down.
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    Fabelab Wizard Doll

    A magical wizard doll from Fabelab. A perfect companion for creating long lasting magical memories.