Little Bird Told Me are a team of toy and nursery specialists dedicated to making the world of little people and grown-ups that little bit more special.

Where they can, they use materials that can be easily recycled or are biodegradable. and they make every effort to minimise the use of plastic packaging.

The toys are designed in Yorkshire and are made from the highest quality materials ensuring they are built to last

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    Stirling Pull Along

    Stirling is both a pull along horse toy and a huggable friend. He features a fashionable textured grey herringbone fabric, a scrunchy faux suede mane and tail and smartly painted wooden wheels.
  • Norbert Pull Along Toy

    Say hello to Norbert, the adorable donkey with a super soft tufted coat and sticky-uppy ears! Featuring a soft scrunchy velour mane & tail and removable wooden wheels, Norbert is both a pull along toy and a huggable, all together lovable friend!
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    Moonbeam Unicorn Pull Along

    Moonbeam unicorn is both a pull along toy and a huggable playmate. He features a powder blue, starry printed fabric body detachable wheels and a crinkly mane and tale for tactile simulation.  
  • Percy Pup Pull Along Toy

    This playful pup has his checked coat on and is raring to go! With removable wooden wheels, Percy Pup is both a pull along toy and a huggable friend. Luxurious textured fabrics provide tactile stimulation for young children. For added play value, his checked coat can be removed and he comes with crinkle in his...