Kid’s Concept was founded in 2007 with a passion for creating products with the intent that ”children should be children”.

It is now a hugely popular and successful brand with not only a focus on fun but on quality and safety. Their products are designed to last and be passed down amongst siblings.

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  • Kids Concept Play Tunnel – Lilac

    This play tunnel from Kids Concept is such an adventure. Hide inside or crawl through and discover what awaits you on the other side. It also matches the play tents.  
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    Kids Concept Xylophone plywood blue multi

    Xylophone in natural stained plywood with keys in various shades of blue. Perfect for children who love music or to create an interest in music. Start up a small band with our other wooden instruments!
  • Kids Concept Play Tent – Lilac

    Play tent in polyester with imagination-inspiring details such as stars and bunting. It is perfect as a place for playing or being cosy. The tent has collapsible sticks that makes it easy to assemble and take down again.  
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    Kids Concept Xylophone plywood white

    Xylophone in natural stained plywood with keys in white. Perfect for children who love music or to create an interest in music. Start up a small band with our other wooden instruments!
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    Kids Concept Sorter truck AIDEN

    Shape-sorting truck that serves as both a toy truck and a shape-sorting cube. The truck comes with six blocks in different shapes and colours. Playing with shape-sorting cubes helps your child to develop their logical thinking and fine motor skills and recognise different geometric shapes.
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    Kids Concept Kitchen

    Stylish kitchen that’s perfect for the little chef or baker. The kitchen is white and grey and comes with lots of accessories such as clock, pots and pans, openable oven door, sink and ladles.  
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    Kids Concept Cake

    The wooden toy cake comes in the shape of five cake pieces with a removable candle in each piece. The pieces are connected by velcro and can be sliced and served with the included cake cutter.
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    Kids Concept ABC Puzzle

    The puzzle consists of the alphabet letters A-Z. Shape match the letters into the puzzle or just use the letters to make fun words. The puzzle helps develop the child’s logical thinking and to recognize forms.  
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    Kids Concept Baby Gym & Soft Toys

    This wooden play gym from Kids Concept comes with 3 soft toys. Plenty to keep your baby happy and entertained. Featuring soft contrasting colours, black dots and eyes for improved eye focus and the soft ball rattle that allows them to make little sounds.
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    Kids Concept Red Guitar

    Wooden toy guitar in red with a star cut-out as sound hole. The perfect present for the music-loving child. Why not start a band with our other play instruments?  
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    Kids Concept Pull Along

    Cute pull-along toy in the form of a mammoth family. Wonderful as a toy but also great as decoration.
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    Cash Register

    Wooden cash register in light colours. Perfect for the little kiosk or store. The cash register has buttons to press, a board to write the prices on, includes a white chalk and compartments for bills and coins, and a card reader with two cards.